Aldi brands in similar packaging as name brands ARE those name brands. I moved in with my best friend’s family in 1994, and discovered the fabulous taste of Blue Plate Mayo! The most well-known brand on the East Coast had a very strong showing. This creamy sauce adds a little tang and a slight sharpness to beef. I especially feel sorry for anyone who thought Mirical Whip was mayonaise. Maybe Eugenia Duke, down there in South Carolina, had been studying up and knew she was on to a name with lineage, which trumps a blue ribbon on the label every time. of course u like dukes, its from the south! 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In NC it has to be Duke's. If I want a sweeter flavor, I use Blue Plate. I do tend to over-react when things are misspelled. It’s always been tomato and Miracle Whip for me. Now I hope they dont change it. The funny thing is, I grew up on Miracle Whip, not even realizing it was technically salad dressing and not “mayo” (because that’s what we called it). For example, taster A may taste sample 1 first, while taster B will taste sample 6 first. I decided to pick up a jar just the other day, and I was really impressed! If there's one thing that may finally divide this country along loyalty lines for good, it could well be America's number one-selling condiment: mayonnaise. Dukes is great in potato salad, chicken salad, on sandwhiches and it makes the best Deviled Eggs. I’ve always wanted to try it but I’m kind of a mayo snob and didn’t want to buy it until I heard some reviews. I’m glad to hear of other brands of mayo to try I’ve used blue plate for a couple of years but here lately it has been awful to use in potato salad or deviled eggs, its like using plain oil and very hard to mix up, Will not be using blue plate ever again guess I’ll give kraft a try. I have been a Hellmann’s fan for most of my adult life. You may not be able to find “Duke’s” in Texas, but you might be able to pick up a jar of “Blue Plate” Mayo, and I think it’s just as good. Duke’s is the best for tomato sandwiches. Dollar Tree stores now sell very small Duke’s jars for a buck. Your opinion about the product is important to us as well and I will share your comments with our product development staff.”. Tasters taste samples in random order. Unfortunately, it is only available in the south. I tried Dukes for the first time yesterday and liked the texture but thought it a bit bland (which might be good in some dishes), but also noticed an aftertaste. Pretty sure it’s the original though. I work at a plant that manufactures private-label salad dressings and mayonnaise. … Up to 10% of egg yolks, color comes from the eggs, creamy consistency, eggs are the second ingredient, vinegar is not overpowering , opened jar should be eaten within 2 weeks… Unfortunately, we were only able to acquire the canola-based version of Best Foods, so we can't substantiate either claim. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada – is Dukes sold anywhere at all in Canada? These are the crispiest, most flavorful roast potatoes you'll ever make. Spread the word, get others to contact Kraft requesting to return the classic to the American Public. I have always loved Miracle Whip and I do know that it is not mayonnaise but it tasted better on my sandwiches and in potato salad than anythng else. They’re all delish....each has its appeal. are … Upheld by many southerners since 1929, and that includes me, I’ve come to like it even more than Duke’s. BLU Plate, Akron: See 20 unbiased reviews of BLU Plate, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #125 of 554 restaurants in Akron. Kraft has changed its formula and is much sweeter than it used to be. For our tasters, pure tanginess alone didn't cut it—there was no correlation between our perceived tanginess and overall ranking. Some HTML is OK: link, strong, em. So fishy!" Best burger. I have not try Blue plate or Duke, but will when able to get them. It was a little bit bitter, and it did nothing for a sandwich. Tastes like they did 30 years ago. Joseph F. Collerd, Sr. Director of Marketing for the C.F. Haven’t tried the regional ones listed. I have written 2 emails to them. Another contender from the South, Blue Plate's average scores took a pretty big jump down. What about the other famous southern mayonnaise, Blue Plate? //